RETEMS GROUP | Auction by Nargis fund and Olvie project
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Auction by Nargis fund and Olvie project

Auction by Nargis fund and Olvie project

On June, 7 at RixosQuba Azerbaijan a golf tournament, organized by Azerbaijan Golf Federation was conducted.  The charity auction, arranged by Nargis Fund and Advertisement Agency Olive Project   became the part of the event.

Retems Aqua was one of the sponsors of the auction.

Before the auction started, KonulNagiyeva, the Director of NARGIS Publishing Househad greeted the guests, calling in her speech the guests to help little ShakhriyarKarimov, who had been diagnosed Niemann-Pick disease.

The works for the auction were presented by Modern Art Gallery YaY, established by non-commercial organization YARAT! andde lux gentlemen club boutique Vault Privé. Among 5 lots presented at the auction there were paintings, sculptures and also men’s accessories.