Политика Управления Качеством

HSE Policy Statement

Environmental Sustainability Policy Statement

Compliance to local and international laws, regulations, conventions & other rules policy

Relations with clients and suppliers policy

Respect for rules on competition policy

Promotion of Ethics norms policy

Maintaining of Confidential Company Information policy

Compliance to restrictive measures in relation to international trade (embargos) policy

Compliance to anti-corruption laws, conventions, codes & rules policy

Gratuities, Gifts or Benefits policy

Human Rights Protection policy

Non-discrimination policy

Against Forced Labor and Human Trafficking policy

Confidential Reporting policy

Fair Working Environment policy

Social Responsibility policy

Promotion of learning environment policy

Prohibition on use of weapons policy

Correct use of company property policy

Correct use of customers property policy

Conflict of interests policy

Behavior outside of organization policy

Employment of woman & young policy

Code of Business Conduct

Information Security policy

Cyber Essentials Plus mobile device compliance policy

Data Protection policy

IT Risk Management policy for Third Party